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Leading Electrophysiologists (EPs) have performed several preclinical animal studies that support use of the Durablate for the successful treatment of VT.  


  • In vivo and ex vivo animal models demonstrate that SERF can make the large, transmural lesions required to treat the full extent of VT in the thick ventricle walls

  • Preclinical in vivo animal data include canine, ovine and porcine models.  


  • Investigators have concluded that the SERF Ablation Catheter can do the following:


  • Create larger lesions than existing therapeutic catheters in both infarcted and normal tissue


  • Create large, well-defined transmural ablations largely confined to the infarct scar 


  • Homogenize the infarct region and eliminate channels of viable myocardium in scar


  • Cure infarcted animals of VT inducibility


  • Deliver large lesions with no detectable additional effects on myocardial hemodynamic function and no evidence of myocardial perforation, wall thinning, or aneurysm formation in chronic animal studies

Durablate™ Ablation In Infarcted Porcine Tissue 
Durablate® ablation in infarcted porcine tissue

A list of posters and publications supporting these conclusions are available at this link and further information is available upon request.


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