The therapeutic goal for ablation tools for liver cancer is to be able to create 5 cm lesions. 


Thermedical® has shown that the Thermedical Ablation System can reliably create 5 cm lesions in perfused bovine liver in a single ablation, the only product capable of doing so today.


In addition, in preclinical porcine studies Thermedical has demonstrated that the ablation zones created by the Thermedical Ablation System continue to grow with increased time, resulting in significantly larger lesions with no impact to surrounding organs.  

  • In vivo and ex vivo experiments have shown that lesions are delivered safely near vessels and ducts and avoid treating adjacent structures

Predictable Ablation Zones: Spherical and Sharp Transitions

The Thermedical® Ablation System is 510(k) cleared for the coagulation and ablation of soft tissue during percutaneous, laparoscopic and intraoperative surgical procedures.  Use of the Thermedical Ablation System for any specific soft tissue indication has not been evaluated or approved by the US FDA.

Use of the Thermedical Ablation System for the treatment of VT is investigational and is not approved for use or sale in any market.

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