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The ability to create large, RF lesions has multiple applications in soft tissue and tumor ablation.  For example, there is a clear, unmet need in the market for the treatment of liver cancer. 


Worldwide there are 744,000 new cases of primary liver cancer and 1.45 million cases of metastases to the liver reported annually. 


  • Only about 15% of these patients are recommended for curative surgical resection or transplantation because their tumors are too large (>2 cm) at discovery for such a cure.  


  • Fewer than 10% of patients are referred for ablation, which can yield a 5 year life expectancy, because current ablation methods cannot effectively treat tumors larger than 2 cm.


  • The majority of patients who present with tumors between 2 and 5 cm have limited treatment options and have a life expectancy of about one year. 



Thermedical® Ablation Needle 


  • The Company's Thermedical Ablation Needle is designed to treat soft tissue conditions throughout the body.  This needle is a 16 gauge, percutaneous needle capable of creating large, uniform lesions.


  • Potential applications include ablation of tissue in the liver, kidney, lung and uterus.

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