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The Company's technology platform includes the Thermedical® Ablation System and the associated needle or catheter depending on the application.


Thermedical Ablation System


The Thermedical Ablation System is an electrosurgical generator designed to provide RF energy simultaneous with the delivery of heated saline to a targeted location in the body for local thermal coagulation and ablation of soft tissue. The System uses a catheter to deliver a porous metal electrode into tissue to deliver the RF energy. Simultaneous with the application of the RF current, the Thermedical Ablation System injects heated saline through the needle electrode directly into tissue. The saline provides additional thermal energy to the therapy as well as convection to the biologic heat transfer to spread the energy out in the tissue. The electrode is used as a monopolar ablation electrode to pass current and saline into the tissue.

The System
Proprietary Needle Design

Thermedical Ablation Needle


The Company's Thermedical Ablation Needle is designed to treat soft tissue conditions throughout the body.  This needle is a 16 gauge, percutaneous needle capable of creating large, uniform lesions.  Potential applications include ablation of tissue in the liver, kidney, lung and uterus.
















The Company is developing the Durablate™ Catheter for the treatment of VT. This catheter uses an endocardial approach and has a 25 gauge retractable needle that penetrates the myocardium, enabling treatment from within the scar.  The Durablate™ can deliver a full thickness, or transmural lesion, which can effectively treat the underlying arrythmia.  Full thickness lesions can aid the clinician in substrate homogenization in a single or few ablations and can reduce or prevent the recurrence of VT.


The Durablate™ needle and catheter
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